Delta Downs is teaming up with Gator 99.5 for racing, bingo and prizes!  Head to Delta Downs Racetrack every Sunday in June and you could win $500!  Catch all of the racing excitement, have lots of fun and possibly walk away with money!

Horse Racing Bingo will take place each Sunday in the month of June and it gives patrons a chance to win up to $500 in cold hard cash each week!

Horse Racing Bingo has been a big hit at tracks all across the country, and now fans in Vinton will have the chance to win cash and prizes just by filling out their bingo card while they watch and wager on live American Quarter Horse racing.
The Horse Racing Bingo cards will be handed out to patrons 21 and older who are members of Racing Prime Rewards. Distribution of the cards will begin at 5 p.m., and will take place at the program sales stand in the OTB. Players can get the cards until the start of race #2. Only one card per player will be allowed.

The first 50 fans to get a straight bingo on their card will win a Delta Downs Horse Racing Bingo T-shirt. A prize of up to $500 cash will be awarded to anyone who blacks out their bingo card by the end of the program and presents it to the promotions staff anytime up to 15 minutes following the last live race. If more than one entrant achieves a blackout, the $500 prize will be divided equally. If there are more than five blackouts, all winners will receive a minimum of $100.