Country music has, unarguably, seen an evolution over the years. The new catch-phrase that has become the nom de guerre is "bro-country," a type of rock-and-roll/ hip hop/ country mixture that hard-core country music lovers are offended by and artists are trying to wave off. All "noms" aside, Nashville artists are still enjoying great success, and many people-- especially ladies-- are quite smitten with their current fare.

I grew up in country music and was, as Barbara Mandrell crooned, country when country wasn't cool. I certainly more than appreciate Conway, both Hanks, Alabama, Loretta, Vern, ETC, Merle, and so many of the greats that made country music, well, country. But a good song is a good song. I also appreciate the fact that Travis Tritt and Diamond Rio (who, in my opinion, put out some doggone fine music) didn't sound in the early 90s much like Hank Sr. or Patsy Cline. To me, it didn't make any of their music any less valuable or less country.

Today, we are seeing a similar evolution. I, personally, am enjoying it very much. In visiting with my girlfriends, many of them have the same opinion. I think it's because women enjoy not only a good melody, but also great lyrics. And, boy, there are some songs with some killer lyrics out right now! Whoever is putting pen to paper in Nashville knows what they are doing. Pairing those writings up with the right vocalist is just icing on the proverbial cake.

Here's a few of the songs that have us talking. What do YOU think?

1) "Strip It Down"-- Luke Bryan: Holy Cow! This song may need a rating. "Let it fade to black/ Let me run my fingers down your back..." Um... um... um

2) "Like A Wrecking Ball"-- Eric Church: I have to admit something. When I first heard this song, I didn't like it. A dear friend LOVED it. I finally listened to it and, yep, the lyrics hooked me. It's all in the lyrics. Wow.


3) "Smokin' & Drinkin'"-- Miranda Lambert: In a word... NOSTALGIA. This song represents what we remember from high school and days when we thought life was so very difficult. (It's okay. We chuckled, too.) If only we could go back there for just a weekend...


4) "Girl Crush"-- Little Big Town: From Karen's amazing voice to the literally stunning words, this song draws you in! Plus, it's easy to sing along to. Every girl is crooning along at the top of her lungs in her car when this comes on. It just happens.


5) "Take Your Time"-- Sam Hunt: Guys I know aren't big fans of this song. Ladies, at least those I know, go all googly-eyed (myself included) when the intro starts. Sexy Sam Hunt says he doesn't want to blow your phone up; he just wants to take your time. Uh... okay!


Some others I especially like:
"Somewhere With You"-- Kenny Chesney
"Burnin' It Down"-- Jason Aldean
"Til It's Gone"-- Kenny Chesney
"God Gave Me You" (or just about anything by)-- Blake Shelton
"Whatever She's Got"-- David Nail
"Rewind"-- Rascall Flatts