People in Southwest Louisiana who do not know how to use a turn signal! Elderly who drive like turtles! Teens who try to race me on Hwy 90 and then tailgate me when I win! I could go on and on...

How about you?

Fleda... People that drive by everyone else that had the good sense to move over because of a wreck ahead or road construction and then expect me to let them in front of me. They could have waited in the long line of traffic like everyone else!

Selina... It annoys me when there is a turning lane yet people slow down almost to a complete stop in the driving lane and THEN get into the turning lane after I've already had to stop!

Ava... People who dont know how to merge onto the interstate. Accelerate to get up speed p. Pay attentn and ease into traffic. U CAN NOT safely merge into 70-80 mole an hour traffic from a dead stop cause u drove to the end of the lane and didnt know how to get on the interstate

Alicia... I cannot stand when someone pulls out in front of you, makes you slam your brakes, and there's NOONE behind you! They could've waited two more seconds..

Lydia... The left lane on the interstate is for passing or people who actually know how to drive. Getting behind a car doing 50 on the interstate who is in the left lane. They are actually more prone to cause an accident. Wish they would be in the right lane where they belong

Lakken... When ur in four lanes of traffic and the two people in front of u drives side by side it drives me NUTS!!!!!!

I think I hit a nerve...

Kenny... When someone will not move over to the left lane to let people get on the interstate. I've seen way too many people cause or almost cause accidents on I-210 westbound at Lake Street and Nelson Road on ramps because people just won't move over.

Misty... When someone rides right next to you when clearly they need to merge..umm no you can fall back because I sure as hell will not let you in! Too funny when your going with the flow of traffic at the correct speed and someone flies past you to only stomp on their breaks then you both get stuck at a wow you got so far passing me! Haha or someone that pulls out in front of you to go slow and ride their brakes!

Tana... People who don't pull over and stop for a funeral procession! It's SO disrespectful! AT LEAST for the hearse and the first 5 or 6 cars behind the hearse.
Also, people who don't turn on their lights when it's POURING down rain or foggy. If you can't see the car in front of you, NO ONE CAN SEE YOUR DUMB A**!!! If your wipers are on, your lights have to be on...STATE LAW!!!

Kathy... Nelson 2 things: people who have to swing into the left Lane to turn right and people who don't pull over for emergency vehicles--ambulances, firetrucks...