They have the star power no matter if it's from the big screen or a big stage. I am talking celebrities. Ok, I am talking ugly celebrities. But what is it about them that attracts us to them? Hmmm?

For most, I believe that the answer is the celebrity's personality. How about you, Gator Country? Name a big screen movie star or an artist played on the radio you feel is ugly, yet you're attracted to.


Jack... Definitely Miranda Lambert


Justin... I've never heard anyone say Miranda Lambert was ugly but I would be all about her. I think Sara Jessica Parker is Sexy.


Lauren... I got a jack Nicholson thing. A lot of people find jack black to be unattractive but I think he's hot...also Will Farrell!


Karen... I think Keith Richards is one ugly man, but in no way do I have an attraction to him. Yuck!