This morning, Emily and I went round and round about when is the best time to start decorating the house for Christmas. We just agreed to disagree on the matter. But we did want to hear what Gator Country had to say on the matter.

Aimee Fleischer The weekend of Thanksgiving. It's a tradition with our family. I have an Aunt that has a Holiday tree that she puts up early! BUT...she decorates it for Fall for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's... then she takes it down.

Georgia Hydle Mine stay up.. but i normally start the yard halloween so we can enjoy them 2 months before taken them down.

Susan Royer Mine are up inside...

Craig Pauley All year long

Jean Babineaux Usually day after thanksgiving but we will see

Jim Hiatt I never take them down. Just turn them on. It make it easy for the pizza delivery guy to find my house.