Yesterday, Erin and I asked our listeners for their feedback on teen responsabilites. Especially when it comes to driving. Here's what they had to say.

Kim... When my son turned 16 and he got his license, he had to get a job. He had to pay half his insurance and half of his gas. We still helped when he didn't have the money.

Patrick... They payed gas I paid insurance until they get a ticket. Good grades don't matter if a kid tries and makes Cs he's just as deserving as one that As without studying

Adrienne... The rule in our house was we had to have a job before my parents would take us to get our license. They paid insurace for the first year, after that we paid gas and insurace. So at 16 I was working, going to school, and was in band. And we were never allowed to have friends in the car. Only family could ride with me.

Sandra... First came having a job . We then helped her buy a decent car for cash when she got her license; she paid a portion & we paid the rest. Now, as a senior in high school, she pays for the insurance, upkeep, and gas.

Erica... The rule in our house is that if you want to drive you have to have a job. We pay the car note and insurance but she pays for all the gas.