For as long as I can remember, I have always loved purses.  Any size, color, or shape; long strap or short, embellished or plain.  Looking back at pictures of me as young as three, and I am carrying a purse.  My motto:  shoes and purses ALWAYS fit; jeans, not so much. As I began to examine the contents of my purse (I have listed them below).  What does it say about ME?

First, let's examine my purse:  wallet (a wristlette just in case I go from office to bar......or just a bar), keys (duh), granola bar (I get hungry), floss, 3 tubes of lipstick, lip balm,  packs of gum, tissues, business cards, head phones (listen to Gator 99.5), iPhone charger, Gerber knife (not normal?), two work name tags, barrettes and a hair tie, three pens, a gavel, a stuffed Patrick, headache meds, a flash light and a signed autographed of the cast of Blazing Saddles (???)  So, what does that say about me?

According to Carol Tuttle, a Lifestyle Expert, my purse say I am a Type 1 (she has four types). Type 1- large purse with needed items but no organization; Type 2-very organized, multiple to-do lists.  Type 3-the "catch all" of all purses; everything and the kitchen sink; Type 4-the "minimalist", only packs what is exactly needed.  I consider mine pretty organized, but there are items that may or may not be "normal" for a purse.  Maybe this is why I have neck/back discomfort? #GirlProblems