Yesterday I asked some of Gator Facebook followers what home remedies do you have that sound disgusting, but really work well? Enjoy reading the feedback.

Donna... My friend swears that ear wax is the best remedy for fever blisters. (I have to admit I haven't tried it!!)

Priscilla... I don't smoke but blowing cig smoke into an ear that hurts helps alleviate the pain. My mother used to do it for me and I will buy a pack to do the same if my kids have an ear ache.

Christy... Cold season I mix local organic honey with ground cinnamon into a paste and eat a tsp a couple times a day for a cold and within a couple days it's gone. Both honey(in its natural state) and cinnamon are antibacterial and anti microbial in property so they kill the bad stuff.. I keep a ziplock bag of flour in the freezer for burns when cooking! Open the bag and cover the burned area in flour for a few minutes and it won't blister and it kills the sting) Ear candles for ear aches and for cleaning...I've always suffered with ear problems and use these religiously. Coconut oil for skin, hair.

Kathyn... Had an old man and a doctor say to squeeze the liquid from a gel cap stool softener in your ear to soften and help remove ear wax! And of course the hot toddy-for pretty much anything according to my grandmother! From cramps to the flu!

Brandy... Bleach on bug bites.

Linda... Mayonnaise immediately on fire ant bites. Have seen it work. No white bump and no itch. Try it. You have to do it immediately after the bite.

Kelli... Pee pee diaper (urine) to cure pink eye. My children's nanny suggested it when my son and I had pink eye. Reluctantly I tried it and It worked immediately to stop the pain.