What happens before a visit from Josh Ledet? Most people don't give it much thought. There were thousands working behind the scenes to pull this off. I can not speak for all of our law enforcement and other agencies who all worked together like a well oiled machine; but I can tell you what it is like at the radio station.



We already had a lot planned for the weekend with Josh Turner at Contraband Days and all of the Contraband Days events that we host, produce and emcee. Then we heard Joshua was coming but got no details other than we would have him for thirty minutes on Saturday morning. That was Wednesday afternoon. It was also contingent on Joshua moving on in the competition. Then we heard about the parade (at that time planned for 2:30 Saturday afternoon) and the show at Burton Coliseum. We had several individual meetings to plan how to best share Josh with our listeners. Thursday morning we had our first production meeting and decided what every one's duties would be and how we would get everything out on our stations and web platforms. Thursday evening with spoke with an American Idol producer who gave us the go ahead to have one of our cameras in the studio during our Josh Ledet interview Saturday morning. He also gave us permission to broadcast the event at Burton Coliseum on one of our stations. That sent wheels spinning again and another  production meeting was held Friday morning. Then Saturday morning came and the team was in place.



Josh walked in the back door and was so friendly. He stopped to take just a couple of pictures before he was taken into the studio. He sat down and answered all of our questions then took pictures with our VIP winners. He was  then on his way and we went into phase two. The interview video had to be edited and prepared to be posted on our web sites so everyone could see it. Our personalities had to host events and produce concerts. We went in fifty directions and that was just phase two of Saturday!

Phase three was the live broadcast of a concert. This was not a small feat but it went very well. It was a magic evening that many more got to share because of the broadcast. It's why we are here. Josh was so good and  listening to it on the radio was very cool.

Then it was on to phase four of Saturday. The stars were out, the boats were on the lake, the weather was perfect, the buccaneers were barely holding on to their hold of the city. It was fireworks time! We broadcast the synchronized music for the fireworks and it went off perfectly. We were glad we were able to share so much of a great weekend for Southwest Louisiana!

All in all a darn good weekend. Now we get one day of rest and off we go toward our next adventure.