It's been a few years since I lost my mom, but just because I do not see this special lady doesn't mean she's not watching. She was a kind, loving, crazy, loud mother of three, and a grandmother of nine. And... she's a little more to me. That lady gave it her all to make sure her son had what it took to get thru life.

Here's what Gator Country had to say...

Wendy... Someone who puts their child/children first and above all else. Unconditional love, sacrifice, compassion, comfort, worrying, teaching, strength, patience, heartache, sleepless nights. Knowing that having your child safe and healthy is the most important thing in the world and doing anything to achieve that, sometimes you have to sacrifice, sometimes you have to make your child unhappy in order to do the best thing for them, and when they are in pain or heartbroken you feel that pain too. Unconditional love. Teaching your children love, hard work, right from wrong, respect, honor, responsibility, integrity. Above all else always wanting the best for them but accepting them for who they are and embracing their individuality.

Brandie... A person (bc it can be a man or woman) who doesn't necessarily have to give birth to love a child beyond any measure and would move earth to make their babies happy... Happy Mommys Day to all the wonderful women AND men who take on this amazing role as mom/stepmom... The best gift God has ever given us is the little hands that want us to lead them!