Ah yes. School is out and kids bored at the house? Oh, what to do, what to do? There was a time where I could so relate to those days with my kiddos. I was fortunate for the most part. If I wasn't coaching the kids in a summer sport, I was coaching from the bleachers along side my wife.

What is your remedy for keeping your kids busy and out of trouble during these summer months?

Nikki... My kids are stuck in the house all summer, no friends in the area. But otherwise just teaching them right and wrong, doing things as a family.

Samantha... The fear of God... Lol!!
I know I didn't act a fool. My parents made sure of that....no matter how bored I was!

Rebecca... A gully full of fish, frogs and turtles!

Carrie... Positive activity's & more parent's being aware of those activity's & with who they're spending their time with.

Jason... A dump truck load of dirt!

Lisa... Mine play outside a lot! Other than that, summer camps, swimming, Bible School, sports, riding bikes, even playing in the sprinklers in the front yard and eating popsicles. Good old-fashioned fun!