It's one of the most asked questions in Southwest Louisiana. But when will Gator Country get its answer when it comes to the construction of a new I-10 Bridge?

Here's some Gator Country feedback.

Devin... Enough money to dredge all the EDC that's settled in the mud underneath the bridge.

Kevin... The bridge collapsing and people dying. Seriously....

Christina... If they build a new casino next to it

Andrea... Don't think it's fixing to fall think it's built better then the 210 people use to take pride in what they built but it is to small.
For traffic now a days and am I the only one that goes 50 on that thing.

Jack... It was a pipeline leak through the late 80's into 90's. I got buddies that started dredging it and were told it had no health hazard. Now they have severe medical issues.

Mike... That's not what the test said last year the mud samples or red hot and due to Sasol there have to keep it that high for all the rock and everything else that will be coming to Sasol.