A million dollars sure can change a broke air personality's perspective on things. I would do lot with that chunk of change. I would start with family and go from there. But if someone offered Kris or Erin a million dollar to do something... there are certain things we would have a hard time doing. What would that be?

Go swimming with gators. Provoke Hells Angels. Swim the Atlantic ocean. Drink expired milk. Chew gum found underneath a student's desk.

How about you?

Megan Sabourin I wouldn't give up my kids for a million dollars

Shonda Berry Cheat on my husband

Dodie Ardoin Alot, but I wouldn't touch a mouse.

Alana Guerrero NOTHING that would hurt my children or family!

Jess Guimbellot What you want me to do!! LOL

Ralph Alonzo Admit in public that I'm friends with Rebecca Moss .