Recently I asked Gator Country what their favorite morning drink was. Here is my Top Five.

According to a recent poll on my Facebook page, here are the Top Five Morning Drinks in Gator Country.

#1 Coffee


#2 Coke


#3 Liquid Minerals/ Dietary Drinks


#4 Diet Coke


# 5 Water


And here are some of my honorable mentions.

Melissa Bourque Sweet tea or coffee

Julie Cain LeLeux Chocolate milk

Angela Viator Hot lemon water

Jared Constance With the people I work with, whiskey & Dr. Pepper

Kramer Anthony LaCour II Half bottle a Jamison three years ago. Now protein, fruits, and soy milk blended up!

Larry LeBlanc Crown! with a touch of Royal!

Zachary Curry Redbull... sometimes with vodka

Megan Guzman-Davis Pepto 

Thank you for your feedback, Gator Country!