I love pecan pie. Maybe because I grew up in the South. The recipe on the back of Caro Syrup is good. Just buy fresh pecans, and use good vanilla. My wife makes her crust with butter flavor crisco. Keep it really cold, and be careful not to mix it completely into the flour. I am getting hungry writing this.

How about some of our friends in Southwest Louisiana?

Ashley... Marange Pie I don't have to share!!!

Tina... Strawberry cream pie

Rebecca... Cherry or Coconut!!

Brittney... Pumpkin!!!

Amanda... Pecan, yum...

Jessica... Hot apple pie with streusel topping and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream

Tina... Sweet potato.

Ryan... Chicken pot pie.

Wesley... Butterscotch pecan pie.

Tracy... Chocolate pecan pie.