You want to make me squirm? Play with your exposed belly-buttom. UGH!

I am getting goose pimples just writing this! I have always been this way unfortunately. But it lead to a question I would like to ask Gator Country.

What's the cut-off age for a belly-button ring or other piercings?

Courtney Ann Guidry Lol. Walking around Contraband?

Charlie Fontenot As long as you have the body for it I think it shouldn't matter.

Rebecca Blum Hamersly 18 - 25 unless you become a mother, then maybe not appropriate even at those ages. Just my opinion though.

Dana Comeaux I mean it does depend. I had one until my third child. And my tongue ring until my third child.

Mindy Alexander I am 40 and my tongue is still pierced. My husband pierced a 60yr old ladies tongue one time.

Thanks for your feedback!