An old classmate of mine has one of Homer Simpson saying "buzzzz buzzzz its on vibrate so its ok buzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzz" or "don't mind me with my phone ringing, i'm more important than all of you". It was funny about four years ago, but today it's STILL his main ringtone.

Like it when people try to record their own voice for their ringtone, it's just so annoying most of the time? Ugh! It's usually even worse if they try to sing their favorite song and use that as their ringtone. Since usually the ones who do that, can't carry a tune to save their life.

Dumbest cell phone ringtone?

Ashley... My bf has a siren on his phone it gets me every time I'm driving errrr it's anoying too.

JoLynn... Ring ring ring banana phone!!

Cecilia... Watch me me nene.....ugh hate that song! Ppl making it into a ringtone should be illegal lol

Anna... That stupid motorcycle frog thing or whatever it is that goes rind ading ding etc in that helium voice!

Laura... The one on my phone for my best friend, Jim , "Back That A$$ Up"! Makes me laugh every time....just wish he would call...