When a couple of young teens decide to make an adult decision or two, life can change instantly. Out of all the demanding jobs out there on this planet, they all pale in comparison to fatherhood.

I was married and a father of four at quite the young age, but responsabilies did not take a vacation. Through hardwork and God's grace I was able to give my children the best I had. Another benefit to this success was an amazing wife of 21 years who never gave up on me.

So I personally went with fatherhood. How about you?

Sarah... Pharmacy technician. People are so rude and ungrateful no matter what I do for them. Fifteen minutes is too long of a wait to them. I'm sorry but I'm dealing with medication that can kill you. I'm not at McDonald's. People get mad at me bc of laws I have nothing to do with. I always go above and beyond for patients but they still complain. There are appreciative patients that I love to help but there's always that one that has to gripe. I've had toilet paper thrown at me bc I needed an id for a medication to be filled and have been told I'm stupid bc I couldn't tell a patient the status of his meds at another pharmacy.

Tammie... A Commissary clerk at a county jail where we housed everyone from juvi's up to State incarcerated adult males.

Lois... Working in a Deli and School Cafeteria to much lifting.. I rather push mow.

Gretchen... I agree, being a mom is the hardest, and most rewarding.