When I first read this question, the first thing that came to mind was my oldest son. He's a smacker. Ugh! Doesn't matter the meal either. It can be soup. He's going to be 22 this year and still has this irritating issue. Does it on purpose he does. (Yoda sigh)

Here's what Gator Country had to say.

Lesley... My car running out of gas

Melissa... Smacking and sucking thru their teeth

Crystal... My daily morning alarm clock

Desiree... Someone grinding their teeth

Cheryl... The little drummer boy across the street before 8 in the morning on a Saturday

Leeann... On a chalkboard or scrapping of a fork on a plate

Taylor... Lots of them. The stupid sulphur trains! A cd skipping, white noise. People trying to talk over each other. Pen clicking!! That repetitive stuff

Angela... And someone crunching on ice!

Mandy... A metal utensils on a ceramic dish or any kind of tapping