In 2010, I sat with my family at my mother's funeral. Mom had lost a five year battle with breast cancer and it was time to lay her to rest. You can imagine the emotions that ran wild inside Hixson Funeral home. Well, leave it to my grandfather to liven up the mood.

The viewing had ended and the casket was closed so the preacher could start with a small planned sermon. Well, there was a 10 minute window between the two. The time was for family and friends to make their way back to their seats. My grandfather sat in the very back. You see, here suffered for the early stages of dementia and would occasionally have a spell or two. Who? What? When? Where? I don't mean to poke fun. I don't mean it in a mean way at all. Granddad and I were pretty close.

Well... he had a spell in the middle of my mom's funeral. the conversation went like this:

Granddad: "Hmmm? What's going on?"

Uncle Kramer: "Shhh! Keep your voice down!"

GD: "Lot of people..."

UK: "Yeah, just keep quiet!"

GD: "You know when they're going to start this Dog and Pony Show?"

UK (gasps)

You can imagine the silence... then some snickering... and I wasn't the only one struggling to keep my composure.

Hey, it wasn't his fault.

Look, I have alot of characters in my family and we all gathered that day to lay to rest a character too.

It was still a very nice service for a woman who meant so much to many many people.

How about you?

Kelly...  One of my customers telling me her baby had six fingers an toes an I thought she was joking around because she was always joking , then invited me to see the new born , as she was still making me laugh, OMG I just couldn't hold it in. LAWDY!