I was the kid in school who would try the random food combinations. Carrots plus ranch dressing plus chocolate pudding was the only one I can remember being hard to swallow.

Popcorn chicken plus chocolate pudding tastes like waffles. At least that's how I remember it. I'd also chew on any wooden thing that end up in my mouth like toothpicks or Popsicle sticks and rubbery/plastic stuff like rubber bangles, plastic toothpicks and gum. I learned not to swallow any of these at a young age.

What's the most unusual or strangest thing you've ever eaten? What is your favorite "disgusting" food combination?

Cristin... Never really tried anything too unusual, food combo I like is mayo and well any other food lol also I squirt ketchup all over my eggs at breakfast.

Becky... Chocolate covered ants... .Then a pineapple and mayo sandwich on white bread. YUMMY !!

Brandy... Bean dip and fish sticks.