I do believe I hit a nerve with my question above. Yesterday I delivered feedback on what some of our Gator family's thoughts were in regards to the right age to give a kid a cell phone. Here's some more!

Erin... Freshman in high school. And even then it will be a cheap $5 from tracfone or something Just so we can call. They have to work their way up to a smartphone.

Melissa... My daughter got her first phone when she was 12 because of school activities and the fact that we needed to be able to keep in touch. Before her 13th birthday we allowed her to get her 1st smart phone and only a few months later we are regretting it. We have taken all data, texting and internet privileges away and will remain "OLD SCHOOL" until she is alot older and more mature. Social media has made our children too vulnerable and also targets for crude and evil things even when they are good children who don't normally get into trouble.

Kathy... 8th grade, so they can communicate with parents after extra curricular activities, sporting events because they aren't old enough to drive yet..

Jeanne... My Grandson got one far his 10 b-day he has 2 younger brothers so there mom may start earlier there all 3 boys so I reckon it will vary.

Gwen... It depends on the activities of the child away from home and the need to call a parent if in trouble. When being left whether it be a fly or friend bday or school function some kids are out and about and may need to call home early! If they are young age then just plain phone for calling to keep predators away lets be realistic!

Heather... When they have a need for it like after school activities, home before parents since land lines have almost become absolute in the average home.

Krystle... I was 16-17 when I go my first phone...but that's been more than a decade ago! I'd say 12-14 these days. If my daughter maintains her grades and shows responsibility with it that is. It would also be monitored very closely!

Georgia... I think that if a child does alot of school activities then they should have 1 for emergencies only. I was having this talk the other and 6th grade to me is the right age cause that's when mainly the major school activities start.

Kristina... When they are old enough for sleepover's or football practice .When you believe they are old enough to not be by your side shouldn't they be able to call if if if if

Cyn... My kids are only 2 and 5 months right now but my husband and I agreed that they'll get a basic phone with calling when they get in 7th grade (I didn't get my first cell until I was 15 and in 10th grade). Then in high school, of they can show they're responsible enough, they'll get a more up to date phone with texting and possibly web too.

Nicole... Young children shouldn't have cell phones and if its a must then it should be a simple phone that can just make calls. I've heard to many horror stories with young children and smart phone. Now when they are older and have responsibilities then they can upgrade to a smart phone, but still keep an eye on them and how they use it. There's to much trash out there these days its just scary.