Once my kiddos entered high school, my wife and I gave each of them their own cell phone. As parents, we felt that the kids didn't need the hassle and we as parents felt like we shouldn't have to pay for an added expense.

I think I hit a nerve.

Misti... Depends on the maturity of the child and the reasons for needing a phone. Example: my son rides 30+ miles on his bike everyday, so he needs a phone for the rides.

Amy... My son was 10 but he went between two households with his dad and I remarrying so I felt better with him having a phone.

Missy... When that kid is involved in an afterschool activity that warrants calling home....sure encouraged all three of mine to become active in extracurricular/sports!

Monica... Depends on the child and the circumstances. Mine had a basic talk and text at 9 because her dad and I were going on a trip and the friends she was staying with didn't have a landline and I wanted her to be able to reach us whenever she wanted and vice versa. BUT, the phone does get taken away if chores aren't done, she argues, talks back, etc.

Tricia... I gave my 17yr old one at 15, more not age but need. My son is almost 14 and I need contact with him just as much with sports & fishing & hunting but he doesn't have one yet.

Jaclyn... My daughter has one at 10 but her dad is overseas a lot for work so we decided to get her one so he can reach her whenever he had a chance to get to a phone.

Michelle... I have a 23-year-old and if I had to go back and do it over again, I'd wait as long as humanly possible. And if you do start young (elementary) the first phone should be a simple call only phone. If you start at middle school age, I would say, a call and text only phone. I wouldn't allow a smart phone until they begin driving and then I would make them earn it / pay for it. It's too easy for them to be tempted to get into trouble over their heads at a young age on smart phones and the younger you start them, the worse the effect on their developing brains and also more likely for them to develop a smart phone addiction.