Okay, I am kinda odd. If you know me, rather you're a family member or friend... you know this to be true. It's because I notice the oddest things at times. Please, let me explain.

Ok, here we go...

I am the oldest sibling. I have two younger brothers. I married a girl who is the oldest sibling. My parents are the oldest siblings, as well as my in-laws. See where I am going with this yet?

This oidest sibling trend goes deeper on my side than my wife's side.

Okay, my grandparents who lived in Welsh? Yup! My other set of grandparents? Oh yeah. The cycle is broken when you get to my great-grandparents.

It's just not family either. The eldest coonection continues with my best friend, close friends...

I've lost it, haven't I? Oh, come on now... don't you find it at least a tad bit cool? Slightly?