My wife likes to start her holiday shopping on Black Friday. Me? Not so much. Heck, I have shopped as late as Christmas Eve! Amen for the Walmarts of the world. Does that make me pathetic?

Who already has their Christmas shopping mostly done?

Kathy Felton When I was younger...I sure don't remember Christmas stuff out until November. No wonder life moves so fast now. Everything is pushed up earlier & earlier!

Patricia Leblanc I do I spent on my cruise Dec. 13th-20th

Debbie White Not even started...its only September...need to think about return policy.

Brandi Graham I picked up a few things yesterday.

Mary Gordon Hahaha I don't start till the 23rd of December.

Jess Armstrong Is that a serious question? Ugh can I just tell my kids Christmas is cancelled this year lol ok ok maybe I won't do that but certainly won't be done by Thanksgiving like I normally am.