Erin and I recently went round and round about what do women are alone, what exactly are they talking about. I was just being nosey. Erin gave me the typical vague answer, as she usually does. So, I asked Gator Country.

Laura Morris They talk about other women and judge everybody

Margaret Brocato Just to be able to be "a woman" - break from everything else in the world. Talk is the word, but more "LAUGHTER". Love my girl time.

Alana Guerrero Everything and anything, key being they TALK!

Melanie Burleson What ever comes out of the mouth!!!

Ashley Dartez All kinds of stuff depends on what is happening

Courtney Williams Same topics as men. Only more detailed.

Martha Johnson Stupid stuff mostly...gossip, money, kids, clothes...snooze-a-thon material.

Shonda Culpepper Hubby, kids or somethin or someone who aggrivated them.