J.I. Watson Middle School held their annual "Donuts and Daddy Day" in Iowa Wednesday morning, and if there is one thing you can rely on David Kaye in the Midday for, that's finding free food! But apparently I'm not the only one who can resist free breakfast pastries!


When I read about Donuts and Daddy Day at J.I. Watson on my son's calender of events, my brain-gears kicked into overtime ... free food and I get to hang with my best bud at school? I couldn't resist! And neither could 300 other fathers!

By 8 a.m., the line of dads started to line up outside the cafeteria, drawn by the sweet smells of donuts in the air.  Soon as we were joined by our little compadres and led into the cafeteria where we were greeted by the school's Student Council, who had their work cut out for them! But they worked their little hands as hard as they could, making sure that every Dad and his child had a fresh donut and a nice cold glass of Moo-juice!

As I finally found my little man and sat down to bond over sugary goodness and milk, I noticed that even among all the chaos and empty gallon jugs and boxes, everyone was having a GREAT time! It made me happy to hear the squeals of excitement from the kids and the loud boisterous laughs from the dads. I made a point to stop and tell the teachers and administrators "thank you," for giving us a small window of time into their world, with all these little miricles and the giving us free donuts on top of it all!

So thanks again, J.I. Watson, the donuts were delicious, but was nothing when compared to the company we got to keep! Lets keep it up in the community!