"Chili" Fletcher

Who has the best Mardi Gras King Cakes in Southwest Louisiana?  Well, I’m sure that’s probably a loaded question around these parts because everybody’s got their own opinion, and that’s exactly what this is – my opinion.  I’ve been in this area for a long time and involved in a lot of Mardi Gras celebrations, but if I miss mentioning your favorite, let us know, and we’ll check it out.  Here's my favorites:

Mardi Gras King Cakes have been around a long time, and as the tradition goes, whoever gets the plastic baby in their slice buys the next King Cake.  If you ended up with the baby, you can go to several places, from “big box” stores to family-operated bakeries.  I’ve tried a bunch of different King Cakes – some not so good (dry with the taste of a week-old doughnut), and some so good that one bite sent you to another world.

In fact, the King Cakes that are my favorites actually beat ANY King Cake I’ve ever eaten from New Orleans.  So, if you’re shopping for a great one, I suggest you try the ones from the bakery at Pronia’s on Kirkman Street and Joe’s Party House off Sallier  -- they always do a great job. The folks at Misse’s Grocery on Huntington in Sulphur also make an exceptional King Cake.  But, in my opinion, Vee’s in Sulphur had the best.

Unfortunately, they closed recently, as Miss Vee decided to finally retire – and we wish her the best.  BUT, the Vee’s tradition lives and my favorite King Cake can be found at  the new Jake’s Cakes at the corner of Napoleon and Huntington in Sulphur.  Jake is Miss Vee’s grandson, and he has learned the art of “King Cakeology” very well.  Chili and I visited Jake recently, and he was nice enough to give us a lesson in cake decoration.  Check it out, and check out the new generation of an old generation of Mardi Gras King Cakes!