If you had to pick the worst human being who ever came from Louisiana, who would it be?  Well, save yourself the trouble because someone's already done the work for you.  According to Mandatory.com, Louisiana's worst person ever was New Orleans native Lee Harvey Oswald.

Why would someone want to create a list of the worst people from each state ever?  I can't answer that. But Mandatory's list includes killers, traitors, pirates, gangsters, terrorists, assassins, serial killers, cult leaders and general ne'er-do-wells, so they really went to a dark place to get it done.

To put it in perspective, Oswald is in such esteemed company as Ted Bundy (Vermont), Charles Manson (Ohio) and The Zodiac Killer (California). You probably won't know most of the other guys on the list.  I actually HOPE you don't know most of the guys on the list, because that would mean you know way too much about the wrong kind of people, bucko.