World Wrestling Entertainment released Steve Lumbardi last week. Most hardcore wrestling fans would remember Lumbardi by another name. How about the Brooklyn Brawler? Yup, that's the one!

Can I be totally honest with you, wrasslin' fans? Not only was I surprised he was still with WWE, I actually thought he died years back. Sorry Mr. Lumbardi.

Here's a look back at the Brooklyn Brawler.

After a flurry of company cutbacks, Steve Lumbardi, AKA The Brooklyn Brawler, was quietly released after 30 years serving as a producer and agent.

I tend to agree with the video above that there should be a place in the WWE Hall of Fame of well known, popular "jobbers" in the wrestling business. The Brawler faced and put over a lot of up and coming talent who would wind up being superstars for Vince McMahon's company.

Time will only tell.