WWE's pay per view Fast Lane is this Sunday and the winner of the main event will face the WWE World's Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, Texas. The question is... who will it be?

Triple H awaits Brock Lesner, Dean Ambrose, or Roman Reigns to headline Wrestlemania 32 in a few weeks. The matchup was set up by WWE Co-owner Stephanie McMahon.

I will be honest with you. I am pulling for the Beast, but the odds on favorite for the match is Roman Reigns.

Most of the major names on the WWE roster have been hit by the injury bug BAD. Rumors are now circulating that John Cena may be ready for Wrestlemania, but former champ Seth Rollins is still out, and Daniel Bryan recently retired.

Hence the decision was made behind the scenes was for Triple H to be in the main event as the defending champion.

WWE's Fast Lane airs this Sunday on the WWE Network.