1.4 BILLION dollars! That is a chunk of change on the line with tonight's Powerball. So, who's buying a Powerball ticket? How many? And... what would you do with THAT amount of cha-ching?

If I won the jackpot, I can tell you that family and the closest of friends would be in REALLY good shape financially. I would not quit working, but there's this dream I would like to make a reality. I will just leave it at that.

Here's some of the feedback I recieved from some of our Gator listeners.

Windy Hebert I have lots of things in mind. Help out some friends and family. Build a new house. Anything I want with that much money. Oh and I'm going to Disney. Lol

Nathan Hoskey Well honestly I'd start by making sure st judes and other charities like it received a big donation then wounded warriors also would create a homeless veteran's charity second donate enough to local parishes to build new schools for our children and there children build a softball complex in DeRidder that trumps any in the us then would set my brothers and sisters up for life which includes top notch college scholarships for every kid in my family who applys themselves and wants to go and friends like your father would live very comfortable for the rest of there great lives . Of course my mother, Dad and grandma wouldn't have to worry another minute about anything... Oh and buy a ranch locally.

Monica Schexnider I would try my best to remain completely anonymous if I won. Is that even possible?