Sometimes, people take an existing idea and refine it in such a way that life is never the same.  This is NOT one of those times.

What you’re about to see cannot be explained — literally.  When we went to the YouTube page where this video lives, it actually said “No description available.”  We couldn’t think of a better to describe the “Laufradeln,” a bike-like thing without pedals that you strap to your back and power by running.

No, seriously.

It … might … have sounded like a good idea on paper, but in practice it looks uncomfortable, slow and annoying.  The Laufradeln is probably a perfect machine for you if you have a compulsive need to be stared at — or if you like being strapped to metal arches.  (Hey, no one’s judging.  Okay, that’s probably not true.)

Just a heads-up — this video has no sound, because apparently it wasn’t creepy enough already.

I think this comment from the YouTube page sums it up pretty well.