Allow me to set the stage for you.  So we got the opportunity to go backstage and hang out with Frankie and do an interview with him.  He was telling us how much he loved Gator Country radio and was thanking us for playing his hit songs "Helluva Life and Sunshine and Whiskey".

We asked him if he wouldn't mind recording some stuff for us for the station.  Well there was an opening band playing at the time and if you have ever been to a concert especially at a night club, it can get a little noisy.

Frankie looked at me and said "Hey Mike, let's go in here.  It will be a lot quieter."  Well I did know what room he was talking about until he started walking to the door.  When Frankie opened the door, I realized that we were heading into the bathroom!  What is even better is that i had the microphone already recording and I caught our conversation!

Here is what happened next:

Now that is a real backstage pass for ya!  Frankie was a really cool guy and very nice, a real class act.  Here is the actual finished product:

And here's the man in action -- for real!