He's a living legend.  Loved by millions for his unpolished look, and down-to-earth lyrics.  He is Willie Nelson, and you can catch him in Lafayette on February 10th.  Willie will be playing the Heymann Center at 7:30 pm. 

While he is known as a Country/Western Musician, I've always thought that Willie Nelson transcends the genre.  As an individual who helped define music, you can easily put Nelson side by side with names like Elvis, The Beatles, and Hank Williams.  If you want to know what to expect from the concert, Willie Nelson.com gives you a preview:

Nelson pulled songs from his complete songbook, which goes as far back as the ‘50’s. And here was Surprise Part 2: As the night grew colder (and colder, and colder), Nelson and his band got hotter. In fact, about halfway through his 90-minute set, the 77 year-old caught fire. Nelson’s fingers flew faster and faster across his guitar strings and his band followed in stride.

Willie Nelson now has local roots.  On October 15th Willie Nelson was named an honorary citizen of Lake Charles.  In a picture on his website, you can see the award being given by our own Hal McMillin.

You can still get tickets for the Lafayette show at Ticketmaster.com.  Read the entire concert review from Willie's Utah tour stop at Willie Nelson.com.