It's that time again. Pirates are poised to take over our city. Jean Lafite and his crew will sail into the familiar waters of Lake Charles and the party begins. You probably know Pirates consume massive amounts of Rum. This makes them a wee bit forgetful. The pirates bad memory means you can win cash. Here's how.


On one particular rum inspired pirate excursion ... Jean Lafite's men stashed some contraband and slipped away into the night. The problem is they forgot where they stashed the contraband. The good news is that we found it and are going to give you a chance to win it. You can win cash!

Just listen for Jean Lafite to awaken from a run induced sleep and utter the famous pirate phrase "arghhhhhhhhh." When you hear it be caller 25 at 1-877-854-9467 and you'll win $1,000! We'll give you two chances to win every weekday in May (except Memorial Day.) So write that number down and keep it close; then listen each day during May.

You know you can think of some great ways to spend that $1,000 that Jean Lafite would just waste on rum. Good luck!