Gator 99.5 gives you a few more chances to win cash. Twice each weekday during May we give you a chance to win $1,000. There is not much time left!


We figured the aeverage price for gas is $3.30 and the average tank is around 20 gallons. That means you can get 15 tanks of gas with the $1,000 you win. That's a long drive for your vacation. You could also buy 127 pounds of Alligator Boudin from Invite me over if that is your choice! you could buy 120 copies of "Swamp People" Season One. Well it does make a great gift. Just listen to gator99.5 for the gator to chomp three times in a row and then be caller number 25 at 1-877-854-9467. You will win $1,000 if you are caller number 25!




If you need more money you can win $10,000 with your Gator Country Club reward points. We will draw for that this Friday! Join the gator 99.5 Country Club at Good luck!