Apparently the idea of watching NASCAR by yourself is too much to bear for some people. 

Am I the only person hearing the "Psycho" theme song in my head as I read this story?! Linda Chase, 72 of southern Michigan, admitted to keeping her deceased companions body for 18 months to watch NASCAR with and have someone to talk to. She claims to have kept his body cleaned and clothed. Charles Zigler, who authorities believed was 67 at his death, died of natural causes around December 2010.

She said he was the only guy who was nice to her and didn't want to be alone. I can understand not wanting to be lonely...but I wouldn't hang out with a dead body in order to not be alone. That's just me.

As of right now Ms. Chase has not been arrested but is under investigation for financial fraud. She had continued to cash Zigler's benefits checks after he passed away. Chase had this to say, "I’m probably going to prison. I told them the truth. I didn’t lie about that."