Growing pains are a part of life; but waiting in traffic is just not how you want to spend your time. We compiled what we thought were the top five worst road construction areas. Most of us have sent some time at all of them. The good news is that they are signs of improvement.

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    La. 14 and McNeese Street

    The intersection of Highway 14 and McNeese seems to be getting much better. We put it on the list as an "honorable mention" because of all the time we spent there. It does look like they are almost finished..... you can sleep another thirty minutes in the morning!

    Don Rivers
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    I-10 Bridge

    When the bridge is under road construction or they are "working on its joints" ... traffic grinds to a halt. Like this past week. You can feel the bridge shake when you are sitting on it.

    Don Rivers
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    Ryan Street

    This has to make the list because it is completely closed! Ryan is still a very busy street so this has sent a lot of people through neighborhoods. It also looks like it could be finished soon.

    Don Rivers
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    Lake @ Contraband Bayou

    It would have been great if they had found Jean Lafitte's buried treasure. The residents of Canal are just as eager to see this one end as you are.

    Don Rivers
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    I-10 in Sulphur

    This is complete re-surfacing. They are really trying not to impede traffic. It is fine most of the time but when it is slow....well, turtles would win the race.

    Don Rivers