So Valentines Day is coming up this Sunday, February 14th and are you prepared yet?  I know I know, you have been focused on Mardi gras but it's coming and you better have something for your loved one or it could spell the end of your current relationship.

So if you are looking to get rid of your significant other, here are the gifts you can buy him/her to say bye bye.

  • Redeemable Coupons -- You know like good for one free kiss, on free backrub etc.
  • Gym Membership -- Nothing says I hate your body more than a Gym membeership LOL
  • The Tandem Glove --  This is just weird.  It is a glove that you and your love can both wear and hold hands at the same time. CREEPY
  • Sex Scratch-Offs Tickets --  Just like the lottery, you won't win with these either.
  • Gift Card -- Nothing says I didn't have time to get you anything and I didn't really feel like going out of my way to think about it than like giving her/him a gift card.
  • Name Tattoo -- You know that's forever right?  Sure hope your sure because it's hard to change Susan to Amanda HAHAHA
  • Nothing -- If you buy him or her nothing, you might as well not even show up on Valentine's day and just phone it in with a text saying "We are Over and oh Happy Valentine's day".

So if you are looking to shake off that unwanted relationship, be sure to do one of the list above.  Happy Valentine's day.  Hope it works out for ya!