Last night during the latest WWE PPV "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs," Superstar Roman Reigns had yet another opportunity to capture the WWE Championship, just to be robbed again. Well, Roman had enough. Man... the carnage. Yikes!

FINALLY! This is how the Roman Reigns caracter should be played, a brutal, aggressive, ruthless, wild, badass, scary big powerhouse destroying everything and everyone in his path.

But here some advice from a longtime WWE fan. QUIT SMILING! QUIT THE NOT SO FUNNY JOKES! STOP BEING A CLOWN! STOP TRYING TO BE THE NEW ROCK! Be Roman Reigns, a hound of justice that kick butts for a living. Make him go berzerk kind of like Lesnar would be. Make him destroy Michael Cole. You've got something to work on finally, make it happen!

The Triple H Attack? Brilliant!


What will the future of Roman Reigns be? Find out tonight on Monday Night RAW on the USA Network at 7 p.m..