I love downtown Lake Charles, the quaint streets with art and culture.  I spent many a summer here with my grandparents, and we always came down the lake front and strolled on a pretty day.  My mom remembers shopping downtown in the 60's, how downtown was the "hub" of Lake Charles.  Which, is why I became fascinated when I heard there was a small group of individuals who are trying to save the clock that has hung over Keith's Pawn Shop on Ryan Street for many years.

Kris and I are very curious about the clock, we even ventured downtown last week to take a selfie with it.   Historically, The "Heritage Clock" first graced the exterior of the Lake Charles Bank and Trust built in the 1920'a, which then was salvaged by Robert and Keith Waldmeier (Father and Son) and placed it where it is today, outside Keith's Pawn Shop.  Unfortunately, Keith has passed away and his wife, Laura, is selling the clock; who is very attached the the clock and wishes it to stay in Lake Charles.  Jason Machulski, along with various other individuals, has started a grass-roots movement to "Save the Clock".  The "Heritage Clock" was even used during the Millennium New Year's Eve celebration for the countdown to the near year.

Jason and friends are asking for donations to first purchase the clock from the owners, and then give the clock and donated money to two entities who work everyday to preserve the culture and historic value of Lake Charles:  The Calcasieu Historic Preservation Society and the Arts & Humanities Council of SWLA.  Donations can be made at the Save The Clock GoFundMe page, or at area drop-off locations in Lake Charles.  Jason and friends have until October 10th to save the clock from being sold to an outsider and moved to a new town.  A simple gadget that has so much importance to Lake Charles residents and historians.