Everybody has a story to tell about a particular 4th of July or summer vacation. I'll start and then you share yours. Here's my story (and yes I'm stickin' to it.)


I was over at the No Profit Farm north of Baton Rouge visiting family for the 4th of July. My brother in law had cut some firewood for me and told me we would drive my truck acroos the pasture and park at the tree line to load the wood. Did I mention that this pasture contains one very big and very cantankerous bull? Did I mention that my truck is red? They say bulls are color blind; but this color blind bull did not like my red truck. Start the banjo soundtrack here!


We both walked into the woods about 20 feet where the wood was stacked when he turned around and said "I think you better go move your truck. The bull "Sugar" (a name made up to protect his identity) was standing directly in front of my truck with his massive head almost reaching the windshield. He was starting to turn his head back and fourth and sling various bodily fluids all over my truck. I eased into the drivers side while my brother in law slid into the other side. I had no sooner closed my door than Sugar moved around to my side of the truck so he could stare in my window for a little intimidation. He started slinging his massive head around again with an ever increasing flow of "I'm about to open a can of ..." bodily fluids. Then he started stomping his hoofs and my brother in law yelled "Geaux". I gunned it and took off with sugar in hot pursuit! Did I mention that this pasture is made up of several smaller pastures surrounded by hills and creeks? There we were going up and down hills and around bends with Sugar showing no signs of tiring. I suggested to my brother in law that he jump out and go open the gate. He did not think that was such a good idea. I hit a bump and a (1 gallon) gas can flew out of my truck. Sugar put on his best soccer imitation hitting the flying gas can with his head and knocking it about twenty feet in the air. I guess that's why the ladies like Sugar. He's such a great athlete. Yes it was a red gas can. Shall we get back to the story.

By this time our predicament was providing great amusement for all of those on the other side of the fence. We kept twisting and turning and going up and down the same hills. My sister in law finally took mercy on us and three a bale of hay in a neighboring pasture and opened the gate for Sugar to have a snack. He loves his Sugar snacks (sorry I could not resist.) Sugar decided he like snacking more than terrorizing me. I told my family they should have recorded it so we could have made some money. My brother in law said "well drive back in there." I am not that crazy. Can you top that one?

This is not my video ... but it's really funny!