A petition was started to recall Governor Edwards and remove him from office due to compliants about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Louisiana and his extended mask mandate.

The Louisiana Secretary of State's Office says all but one parish has counted the signatures on the petition and that it has fallen well below the required signatures need to force a recall election.

Secretary of State spokesperson, John Tobler, reports one percent of the needed signatures were counted by the different parish registrars of voters, which amounts to only 26,679 signatures.

Lee Joseph Vidrine and Michael Lyn Vidrine of Eunice filed the petition on August 29 of last year. For it to be successful in forcing a recall election, they needed to get 20% of registered Louisiana voters to sign the petition (around 600,000 people).

The language in the petition accused Edwards of “impeding the constitutional freedoms and livelihoods of all Louisiana citizens without concrete scientific data” and “unconstitutionally mandating that masks be worn in all public places.”

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