Somewhere in the Who Dat Nation there is a Brandon Browner fan. I haven't met that person. Now, any Saints fan who actually liked the NFL's biggest thug most often penalized player of last season probably won't care for him now.

According to a report on ESPN Mr. Browner will be taking his individualized attitude toward a team sport to the Seattle Seahawks. 

This isn't a surprise. Browner was often quoted as saying he had hoped to return to Seattle at sometime in his career. He will now be joining former Saints tight end Jimmie Graham and the Seahawks next season with a contract that is reportedly worth $15 million over three years. If you do the math that would be $15 million for an additional 72 penalties. That's assuming Browner can maintain his record setting pace in a Seattle uniform.

One Saints fan last season suggested that his name was Browner because he got burned so often. In order to keep from becoming "toast" he would often grab, hinder, hold, and basically molest opposing receivers to keep them from catching 4 yard passes so he could be flagged for 15 yards.

Browner was released from the Saints after last season. His departure from the team will allow the organization a little bit of breathing room under the NFL's salary cap. By the way, the NFL salary cap makes Common Core math look easier than knitting a space ship.

So to Mr. Browner thanks for the memories. I will do my best to forget you and your horrific style of play. I am sure you're a talented athlete. Just so you know that I know, I couldn't even compare to have the prowess and skill you possess. You are a far superior athlete and football player than I could ever be even in my wildest dreams. For that you are to be commended. All I know how to do is play within the rules so that it might help my team win.