The lingering effects of what in meteorological terms was a non-tropical tropical storm several weeks ago have been the cause for four more Louisiana Parishes to the Presidential Disaster Declaration. According FEMA, residents who live in Rapides, Red River, Sabine, and Jackson Parishes are now eligible for federal assistance.

According to the Rapides Parish Homeland Security Director Sonya Wiley-Gremillion there were many homes damaged or destroyed in flooding from the Red River.

There's probably 20 to 25 homes that have been identified as destroyed, they are unrepairable.

Wiley-Gremillion went on to tell the Louisiana Radio Network that many residents in her parish will be seeking this additional aid from the federal government.

There are a number of residents who do not have flood insurance and there homeowners insurance will not cover these damages.

These additional parishes added to the Presidential Disaster Declaration bring the total of Louisiana parishes affected by flooding to 30 in total. That means that nearly half the state is covered under this federal declaration.