The hurricane forecasters at Colorado State University (CSU) just announced they "underestimated the 2024 season" and have put out a new revised hurricane forecast.

Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall In Louisiana Leaving Devastation In Its Wake
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We're just over a month into the 2024 Hurricane Season and we have already had three named storms. Needless to say, it has started with a bang.

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Colorado State University just released their revised 2024 Hurricane Forecast:

The new forecast calls for a rise in the number of named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes. They are predicting that the 2024 season will produce 25 named storms (14.4 on average), 12 hurricanes (7.2 on average), and 6 major hurricanes (3.2 on average).

Colorado State University
Colorado State University

Nick Mesa with the CSU Hurricane Forecast Team said this in an interview:

We’ve never really seen this combination of record-warm temperatures in the Atlantic like we’re seeing now with the combination of a La Niña, or a cooler ENSO period. When we see storms in the deep tropical Atlantic occurring this early in the season, that’s usually an indicator of a very hyperactive season.

There is currently some good news, as of today, the National Hurricane Center doesn't expect any storm formation in the Atlantic Basin for the next seven days.

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