Hurricane Beryl strengthened to a Category 1 Hurricane right before landfall in Texas.  We have the sights and sounds of the havoc that Beryl rained down on the Lone Star State.

Hurricane Beryl Impacts Texas Coastline
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Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Texas early this morning around the Matagorda Peninsula, about 85 miles southwest of Houston, as a Category 1 Hurricane with winds around 80 mph. Reuters is reporting that two people have been killed by the storm in Texas.

More than 2 million Texas residents are currently without power from the storm and that number is growing as Beryl moves further inland, according to a statewide outage tracker.

National Hurricane Center Monitors Hurricane Beryl's Activity In The Caribbean
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Meteorologist Ryan Hall reported the landfall of Hurricane Beryl for over 10 hours straight on his YouTube Channel. He not only had videos from static city cameras in the path or Hurricane Beryl, but he also had live videos from storm chasers in his network all over the state reporting on the storm.

He covers extreme weather all over the United States, from tornadoes, heat waves, fires, floods, and of course hurricanes. Please give his channel a subscribe.

Another YouTube Channel that I would suggest following is Max Velocity. He always gives levelheaded weather advice and like Ryan Hall he covers extreme weather events around the country.

Max is based out of Texas, so not only did he provide a service to his state by livestreaming the landfall of Hurricane Beryl for over 5 hours, but he also live streamed following landfall the tornado activity in Texas and surrounding states being affected by the storm.

Videos Of Hurricane Beryl Making Landfall In Texas:

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