Target shoppers in Texas could see something different at the checkout lines at their store the next time they go shopping. We have all the details.

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Fox Business is reporting that Target is implementing a new policy at checkout that could impact Texas customers.

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Companies love testing new policies and products in Texas because the state is so huge and it's such a melting pot of people. A company can really get a grasp on how well a policy or product will perform when they have data from so many different people with different backgrounds.

This trial that Target will be running is aimed at improving customer satisfaction at the checkout by understanding customer preferences and to trim down the time a customer spends checking out their merchandise.

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Target will be testing a new self-checkout policy in select stores across the nation to limit only 10 items in the self-check lines. Any customer with more than 10 items will be directed to a full-service lane with a cashier.

Target COO John Mulligan told Fox Business:

We've been focused on the front-of-store experience with the goal of providing consistently great service through the in-store checkout experience, along with drive-up and in-store pickup. And because our guests tell us they enjoy interacting with our team, since we’ve refocused on the front-end experience, we’ve seen more than a 6 percentage point increase in the usage of full service lanes across the chain.

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CNN is also reporting that Target is testing the new policy at only at a small percentage of their over 1,950 stores across the nation.

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