There's nothing better than finding a new restaurant that just blows your taste buds away that you've heard of.

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We held an impromptu poll on our Facebook page and asked our listeners what were the most underrated restaurants in Lake Charles.

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We got a ton of answers and hopefully, this list is full of places you haven't eaten at before. Check it out below and start planning your new restaurant schedule today!

The Most Underrated Restaurants In Lake Charles (voted on by our listeners):

5. Zeus - the old IZZO's location (directions)

Google Map
Google Map

4. UMAMI Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar (directions)

Google Maps
Google Maps

3. Shawarmas (directions)

Google Maps
Google Maps

2. Wasabi Japanese Sushi & Grill (directions)

Google Maps
Google Maps

1. Area 337 (directions)

Google Maps
Google Maps

Honorable Mention:

  • The Kitchen
  • Peking Garden
  • Coffee :30
  • The Bekery
  • The Back Porch
  • Leonard's
  • Prime Butcher & Brasserie
  • Seafood Palace
  • Bad Apple Saloon
  • Taco Mel
  • Tad's
  • Rotolo's
  • Reta's Kitchen
  • Ball's Fried Chicken
  • Bistro 121
  • Kat Daddy's
  • Fat Pat's
  • Wok D-Lite
  • MacFarlane's
  • Taqueria Los Sanchez
  • Raja's Curry Kitchen
  • Southern Spice

If you know of an underrated restaurant in Lake Charles that didn't make the list, comment on our Facebook posts below:

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